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Successful Memorial Day Fundraiser Launches VICF

More than 100 people turned out to support the Memorial Day Weekend Fundraiser for the Veterans in Cinema Foundation featuring an exhibit of German photographer, Johannes Müller’s photographs of U. S. Army Soldiers in Afghanistan, “Signs of Hope--Travels to Afghanistan” on Sunday, May 24th, at Exact Science Gallery, 7565 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.


The focus of the evening was not only to honor U. S. veterans of the Afghanistan War on Memorial Day with an exhibit of Müller’s work, but also to raise awareness about and to fund the work of the VICF--a new charity dedicated to providing paid positions for U.S. Military Veterans in the entertainment industry.  The event welcomed veterans, supporters of veterans, and entertainment industry professionals in an atmosphere of purposeful networking to help VICF help veterans.  


Founded on the premise that veterans participating in the creative and production process is conducive to their healing and aids their transition to civilian life, VICF seeks to provide veterans with paid opportunities in the film business as a major stepping-stone to developing a lasting professional career in the world of entertainment.  

In addition to recruiting volunteers to help with fundraising and outreach, VICF is also recruiting volunteer partners willing to train veterans in on all possible aspects of production, which includes but is not limited to the development, pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, exhibition and distribution phases.


The photographer, Johannes Müller, was present to discuss his photos and how he deployed with soldiers of the U. S. Army to combat zones in Afghanistan to capture these images.  Muller signed photographs purchased to benefit ICVF.  


Noah Berlow and Aaron Baldon, co-founders of Veterans in Cinema Foundation were on hand to explain the work of VICF.


All proceeds from admission, Donation Bar and signed photography purchases went directly to support the work of VICF and pay veterans to work on VICF projects in the film and entertainment industry.  Organizers were pleased with such a successful launch of VICF.  


For more information on the work of VICF, to donate or to sign up for one of our programs or to volunteer, contact us on our Donors or Veterans page.  Help spread the word!

June of 2016, the ICVF Board met and voted to change the name from ICVF, The Immortal Cinema Veterans Foundation, to VICF, the Veterans in Cinema Foundation. In addition, the Board voted to add two new board members. VICF welcomes Jake Cmarada and Major Charles Taylor.

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